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The service I got and continue to receive from associates at EU Law Firm really astonishes and relieves me.

I feel extremely supported knowing that I can continuously rely on EU Law Firm’s Outstanding Support and Responsiveness towards any one of my questions.

I never thought a relationship between a lawyer and I can be this excellent, and this is simply due to EU Law Firm’s unparalleled ability to offer High Level Professionalism, Knowledge, Speed as well as the willingness to help you no matter what question or concern you have.

If you need a lawyer, look no further!

J. Ghaleb

Got my company in Latvia in couple days. Great professionals and quality of work. 

EU LAW FIRM team guided me throughout all stages of getting EU residence permit. The team of lawyers even helped me to choose and buy a house in Latvia, did all the documents and always were very responsive to my questions!!! Happy to move to EU with my family and establish beneficial cooperation with this company! 

Thank you!


Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did for me. Great law firm that not only focuses on company registration, but also provides tax advice and accounting services. That helped me a lot to choose jurisdiction! For Cyprus company – look no further!

Vladislav Kozlov