Company Registration in Armenia

Company Registration in Armenia online with EU LAW FIRM will enable you to register a company in Armenia without local presence requirements. 

Armenian companies are great in case you would like to benefit from the low tax rates and also enter the regional trade within the region.

Armenia is well known currently for it’s swiftly developing economy, great infrastructure for start-up companies and great possibilities for new business development.

Each business will find their place in Armenia to prosper.

Armenia Background:

Republic of Armenia is part of the Caucasus region, and is located in the Armenian Highlands of the Western Asia.

The country has flexible company formation regime, and great tax programmes tailored to different kinds of businesses.

Company in Armenia is a perfect solution for foreign individuals and businesses seeking to do international business, with low tax rates and flexibility.

Capital city: Yerevan

Population: 2,956,900

Local currency: Dram (AMD)

Official language: Armenian

Business language: Armenian, English, Russian

Description of Armenian Limited Liability Company:

  • Liability limited to shares;
  • No paid-up share capital requirements;
  • Small businesses with annual sales of less than approx. $240,000 can choose to be taxed on their sales (not profits) at lower rates (5% for services, around 2% for trading, etc.). This tax (“turnover tax”) replaces both the CIT and the VAT;
  • Microbusinesses with annual sales of less than approx. $50,000 are generally exempt from taxes;
  • New companies operating in the IT area can be exempted from CIT (currently until Dec. 31, 2022, unless extended by law);
  • No minimum capital requirements;
  • No restrictions on foreign owners/directors;
  • Registrations can be done fast (same day or next business day) and can be done remotely with a power of attorney;
  • Path to residency and, eventually, Armenian citizenship;
  • Strict bank privacy laws.

Why start business in Armenia?

  • Tax rules

Armenia offers 20 % flat corporation tax rate on a global tax base. It applies to both local businesses and international corporations’ branches or subsidiaries. There is also a turnover tax, which is 1% on commerce, 3.5 percent on manufacturing, and 5% on all other operations. You have the option of choosing between turnover tax and profit tax plus VAT. 

  • Business environment

Armenia offers great business environment for international companies. Armenia has a vast market to operate with because to its extensive network of Double Tax Treaties with more than 40 countries and Free Trade Agreements. There are no prerequisites for local company directors or staff, nor are there any bank affiliations. There is no nationality limit and there is no requirement for a local shareholder. 

  • Fast and simple company registration

It is common for a corporation to be registered in less than a single working day. The cost of registration is minimal. Starting a business does not require any minimum capital. Throughout the year, there are just a few reporting needs. 

Tax system in Armenia

  1. Corporate tax in Armenia: of 20% applies to Armenian-resident entities as well as non-resident entities doing business in Armenia through a PE. Residents are taxed on their global income in Armenia, whereas non-residents are solely taxed on their Armenian-sourced income.
  2. VAT in Armenia: on domestic sales of goods and services, as well as imports of goods VAT is 20%. Exported products and similar services are not taxed. If a non-resident place of business is outside Armenia, advertising, consulting, marketing, design, engineering, legal, accounting, audit, data processing, and other relevant services provided to non-residents are zero-rated. VAT is not charged on a variety of goods and services, including most financial and educational services. Armenia’s current VAT legislation is based on the principles of the VAT Directive of the European Union (EU).


1. Choose the most suitable company type and make online order

Choose the most suitable company formation package from STORE EU LAW FIRM, and place an online order with the available payment methods. After successful order you will receive an email confirmation with your order details.

2. Collection of documents and KYC verification


After successful order and receipt of payment, our customer support will get in touch with you to acquire the required documentation for company formation in Armenia.

3. Company Registration Armenia


The company formation in Armenia takes between 7-14 business days after all required documents have been received. After company has been incorporated, physical company formation documents with apostilles will be sent to your mailing address.


For individuals:

  • Notarized and apostilled passport copy;
  • Notarized and apostilled power of attorney.

If shareholder is a legal person:

  • Notarized and apostilled company extract (visible directors, shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners)
  • Notarized and apostilled power of attorney.


  • Passport copy of all directors and shareholders.
  • Utility bill not older than 3 months.
  • CV of the company management.
  • Business plan.

Banks may request additional documentation from case to case.

Note: All documents in a foreign language must be translated into English and certified by a qualified translator.

Looking for company registration in Armenia?

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