Greece company formation will enable you to enter the European Union market with a highly reputable jurisdiction.

Greece has great possibilities for EU residence permits which will allow you not only to do business in Greece but also to enjoy the wonderful country. Foreign entrepreneurs can profit from tax-efficient business prospects in Greece by forming a company. 

Greece has considerably low tax rates in comparison to some of the northern European countries and generally the business environment & infrastructure is highly welcoming to new and already running businesses.

Company formation in Greece lies down a simple procedure that can be accomplished in just a few business days, depending on how fast the incorporation documents are prepared. 
Below, EU LAW FIRM lawyers answer a set of general questions regarding the jurisdiction, company registration in Greece and the requirements for starting a business in the country.

Greece Background:

Greece (official – Hellenic Republic) is a country situated in the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Greece is a very economically and socially developed country. Greece enjoys advanced high-income economy and high quality of life. 

Greece is also famous for its developed shipping industry, which since ancient times has been one of the Greece’s main economic activities. In 2021, shipping industry is one of the country’s most important industries (accounts for more than 4.5 % of Greece GDP), making Greece an ideal place for establishment of shipping companies & expansion of maritime trade business in EU.

The country is famous for its flexibility on company formation, great progressive tax system (including Double Tax treaties to avoid double taxation with other countries), various banking solutions for non-resident companies and much more.

Company in Greece is a perfect option for foreign individuals and businesses seeking to do international / EU business.

Capital city: Athens

Population: 10,718,560

Local currency: Euro (EUR)

Official language: Greek

Business language: English and Greek

All documents and state fees are included

Description of Greece Limited Liability Company:

  • Liability limited only to shares;
  • Unlimited turnover;
  • Foreigners can open a company in Greece;
  • Low capital required to incorporate: 4500 EUR;
  • There are no limits on a shareholder’s nationality or residency. Shareholders might be individuals or businesses;
  • The use of nominee shareholders allows for more privacy.

Why do business in Greece?

Notwithstanding a few economic challenges, establishing a company in Greece has a lot of potential in the commercial sector. In order to encourage the growth of enterprises and firms in many industries, tax exemptions were provided in the country for businesses. Overall, Greece provides great business opportunities in maritime sector, real estate, banking and finance and various other services.

  • Greece has excellent logistics and communication infrastructure.
    Greece has a highly educated, competent workforce, and a strong business heritage.
  • The country’s labour costs are relatively low compared to other EU countries.
  • Greece waives import tariffs on items made in the United Kingdom.
  • Greece offers all the benefits of the European Union jurisdiction.
  • Possibility to apply for EU residence permit in Greece.

Tax system in Greece

In Greece, the income of resident companies is taxed globally. Non-resident companies are taxed in Greece on any revenue derived from Greek sources.

Businesses: The corporate income tax rate for businesses, with the exception of credit institutions is 22 % (reduced in 2021).Credit institutions are taxed at a rate of 29% if they are subject to the special rules. 

Shipping companies: The payment of tonnage tax for the shipowner company, as well as the bareboat charterer company, the ship lessee company, or the company owning the ship with a foreign flag (which is administered or exploited by a Greek L. 27/75 ship management company), exhausts any further tax liability with respect to any tax, tax duty, contribution, or withholding for foreign-sourced income arising from the ship’s exploitation.

There are no municipal or local taxes on income at a local level.


1. Choose the most suitable company type and make online order

Choose the most suitable company formation package from STORE EU LAW FIRM, and place an online order with the available payment methods. After successful order you will receive an email confirmation with your order details.

2. Collection of documents and KYC verification


After successful order and receipt of payment, our customer support will get in touch with you to acquire the required documentation for company formation in Greece and provide necessary consulting.

3. Greece company formation


The company formation in Greece takes between 7-14 business days after all required documents have been received. After company has been incorporated, physical company formation documents with apostilles will be sent to your mailing address.


For individuals:

  • Passport copy of all shareholders;
  • Passport copy of all directors;
  • Copy of a recent utility bill not older than three (3) months.

If shareholder is a legal person:

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation or other similar document; evidencing the entity’s existence; 
  • Copy of the Register of Directors;
  • Copy of the Register of Shareholders;
  • Copy of valid passport of the Directors;
  • Copy of a recent utility bill issued no more than three (3) months ago of the Directors;


  • Passport copy of all directors and shareholders.
  • Utillity bill not older than 3 months.
  • CV of the company management.
  • Business plan.

Banks may request additional documentation from case to case.

Note: All documents in a foreign language must be translated into English and certified by a qualified translator.

Interested in setting up a company in Greece?

EU LAW FIRM will take care of all of the necessary procedures and paperwork for your company’s incorporation in Greece. Contact us to incorporate a company in Greece. We usually respond within 2 hours.