Company Formation in Belize

Establish company in Belize – one of the best jurisdictions within the Caribbean region. 

Belize offers great privacy laws and 0% corporate tax rate. Belize is also a great jurisdiction to register yachts with its’ low tax rates and registration flexibilities.

Companies in Belize are usually used as holding companies in order to ensure asset protection, as bank account opening for such companies may be challenging unless it has great business substance.

EU LAW FIRM offers to incorporate a company in Belize completely remotely, so there is no need for personal presence. We offer full legal assistance to our clients with company formation in Belize.

Company formation in Belize is a fast process, company in Belize can registered in 1-3 business days after submission of all documents.

Belize Background:

Belize is a Caribbean country located on the coast of Central America.

Belize is home to very diverse society, comprised of many cultures and languages. It is the only country in Central America where English is the official language, making it the perfect location for international business.

Belize is famous for its flexibility on company formation (company may be registered within 24 hours), no mandatory annual and financial tax reports, high confidentiality and low tax rates – zero tax burden. 

Company in Belize is a perfect solution for foreign individuals, trust establishment and multinational businesses seeking to do international business with low tax rates, confidentiality and economic stability. 

Capital city: Belmopan

Population: 419,199

Local currency: Belize dollar (BZD)

Official language: English

Business language: English, Spanish

All documents and state fees are included

Description of Limited Liability Company in Belize:

  • Limited liability (the members’ liability is restricted to the amount of their capital contributions).
  • No minimum share capital required.
  • One or more members, who may be residents or non-residents, natural people or companies, can setup an LLC in Belize.
  • High confidentiality. Members’ personal information is kept private.
  • No specific auditing requirements.
  • No requirements for meetings to be held in Belize.
  • Companies that do not do business in Belize are not required to file an annual return, financial statements, or a tax return.
  • Fast registration.


1. Choose the most suitable company type and make online order


Choose the most suitable company formation package from STORE EU LAW FIRM, and place an online order with the available payment methods. After successful order you will receive an email confirmation with your order details.

2. Collection of documents and KYC verification


After successful order and receipt of payment, our customer support will get in touch with you to acquire the required documentation for company formation in Belize.

3. Company formation in Belize


The company formation in Belize takes between 7-14 business days after all required documents have been received. After company has been incorporated, physical company formation documents with apostilles will be sent to your mailing address.

Why register company in Belize?

  • Belize is well-known for its privacy regulations, tax benefits for non-residents, and complete tax exemption for its domiciled International Companies. 
  • Belize companies are widely used for asset protection.
  • Although tax-free jurisdiction, Belize possesses excellent reputation worldwide.
  • English is a national language.
  • Tight confidentiality laws.
  • One of the best choices for corporate domicile.
  • Litigation advantages.

Tax system in Belize

Corporate income tax: A Belize LLC is a tax transparent business, meaning that any earnings or losses are passed on to the members and recorded as personal income. Outside of Belize, there are no taxes, exchange regulations, or levies on assets or income.

Other taxes: Tax residents and non-residents are liable to a 25% income tax on income earned in Belize. Income derived from a foreign source is not taxed. Capital gains are not taxed.

Property tax: Belize charges a real property tax of 12.5 percent on an occupied property’s yearly rental value, and a 2% tax on vacant properties’ annual rental value. Property taxes cannot be more than 2% of the property’s market value. Unimproved land is subject to a one percent land tax.

Transfer of assets: On the transfer of assets, there is a stamp duty that varies depending on the asset class. A ten percent stamp duty is levied on real estate purchases.


For individuals:

  • Passport copy of all shareholders;
  • Passport copy of all directors;
  • Copy of a recent utility bill not older than three (3) months.

If shareholder is a legal person:

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation or other similar document; evidencing the entity’s existence; 
  • Copy of the Register of Directors;
  • Copy of the Register of Shareholders;
  • Copy of valid passport of the Directors;
  • Copy of a recent utility bill issued no more than three (3) months ago of the Directors;
  • Copy of valid passport of the Shareholders holding 25% or more shares;
  • Copy of a recent utility bill issued no more than three (3) months ago of the Shareholders holding 25% or more shares.

For each ultimate beneficial owner (owns at least 25% or more shares):

  • Copy of valid passport;
  • Copy of a recent utility bill issued no more than three (3) months ago;
  • Bank Reference Letter;
  • Professional Reference Letter. The professional letter can be issued by an independent professional, such as a lawyer or an accountant


  • Passport copy of all directors and shareholders;
  • Utility bill not older than 3 months;
  • CV of the company management;
  • Business plan.

Banks may request additional documentation from case to case. Please note that we do not guarantee bank account opening as the ultimate decision regarding bank account opening depends on the particular bank’s decision. 

Note: All documents in a foreign language must be translated into English and certified by a qualified translator. 

Interested in company formation in Belize?

EU LAW FIRM will take care of all of the necessary procedures and paperwork for company registration in Belize and answer all of your questions regarding company formation procedure. Contact us to register company in Belize. We usually respond within 2 hours.